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Engraved pocket knives for saleEngraved knives are always in high demand among fans of knives. Their distinctive feature is engraved blade, which can be written or drawn anything. Engraving can also be specifically pen knife. In any case, it looks all nice, and therefore attracts people from all over the world. The most popular type of engraved pocket knives is knives with an interesting name kukri. Literally, the name translates as “biltong”. This is due to the fact that these knives are shipped to South America and were used just for cutting dry, cured meats. “Pocket Kukri” was made with beautiful hand engraving. The small but perfectly fulfills the function of a knife. Here are some advices of careful using of this Pocket knife engraved by different symbols.

Tips on Caring for kukri:

1. As the Pocket knife engraved by Kukri made of carbon steel, it requires care. Use petroleum jelly, asidol, machine or gun oil or means to care for car body parts to prevent rust after use and prolonged storage.

2. Try not to leave fingerprints on the Pocket knife engraved – they help build focal corrosion in these places. To remove fingerprints, use cloths coated with a polishing automobile cosmetics means or polishing pastes (including SOI).

3. If there are pockets of corrosion, remove those polishing pastes or sponges. In the event of large pockets of corrosion, use fine sandpaper, traces of which, after removing the rust spots to polish paste. Protect the place cleaned grease by Vaseline, polish metal.

4. When editing the blade or use Camas or Musset. Blade sharpening spends on bars with a rounded surface. Improper or careless use of electromechanical sharpening and polishing wheels can both damage the heat treatment of the blade and ruin the whole knife.

5. Made of leather and wood scabbard pocket knife engraved need regular maintenance. Do not dry them in the battery of steam heating, near stoves and heaters. Use quality tools for skin care – shoe polish and cleaners from dirt. In rainy weather, use repellent and special shoe waxes, conditioners or gels.

6. Stick with natural horns need periodic care: once a season lubricate their cosmetic mineral oil (such Johson Baby Oil).

7. Handle of natural wood clean of dirt. Not use furniture cleaners and polishes. To care for the use of timber quality varnish, wax flooring, boiled linseed oil.

8. When removing from the scabbard Kukri and sheathing – be careful. This tool is able to cause very serious injury inattentive or careless of owner.

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  1. I’m getting my boyfriend a pocket knife for his birthday. I want to have something engraved on it. So far all I can think of is putting his first name, or “I Love You” or the date we started on it.. But I want him to still be able to use it if we ever break up so I kinda don’t want to put that. Any more ideas?
    I don’t think we are going to break up, but any couple COULD break up. I’m just being realistic. Most relationships don’t last forever, and it’s a good quality knife so he should have it for awhile. I want to be with him forever, and I think I will, but you can never be sure. What if I die, and he falls in love with someone else? Yea, I’m sure his next girlfriend would love him owning something that says ILY from a dead ex.

  2. im getting my boyfriend a knife because he collects them.. but im not sure if i should get it engraved.. if i do, am i supposed to just put his first and last name?

  3. It is an old World War 1 or 2 military knife with a marlin spike, a tin opener, and the knife. It also has some kind of clasp on one side of it to hang on a belt maybe or a keychain I guess. On the knife and tin opener, the nam Roberts Sheffield is engraved.There are no other kind of engravings on it. The handle is black. Any help such as information or value about this pocket knife would be greatly appreciated.

  4. My boyfriend is in the military and for his birthday, I plan to get him a knife and have it engraved. I really don’t know what to engrave the knife with though. I’m going to put either his initials or last name on it for sure, but I also wanted something that would remind him of me. But considering it is a knife, I don’t want anything up “lovey.” what do you think? Our relationship is somewhat ling distance, also. Please I need suggestions !!

  5. Its a gift. My boyfriend has a thing for em. Plus its good to have protection.

  6. In America, especially rural areas I suppose, it is commonplace for people (especially men) to carry a pocket knife. I never thought anyone would question this practice until my fiance and one of her friends (both asian) asked me some time ago. I also read an old question where one answerer asked why they would want to carry a swiss army knife anyway.
    To me it was like asking why someone carries an ink pen or small flashlight, but I would like to hear someone elses take on it.

  7. I am trying to get 3 initials put on the plastic cover of some Swiss Army knifes and can’t seem to find a place to do it

  8. We’ve only been going out for two months, and i wanna get him something, but not anything that would be too BIG, like were not there yet. lol. But i really really like him and i have no idea what to get. i need something cool, but generic sortof, nothing fancy. Any suggestions would be good.

  9. I want to buy a pocket knife as a gift would you consider this cool or acceptbale and additioal thought to make this gift specail?

  10. I want to send an engraved pocket knife to my fiance.

  11. I’m looking to buy one for my best guy friend for Christmas. He loves the movie, and he already ordered the Bucephalus prop.

  12. I really want to buy one but I have no idea where in Houston I could possibly get one done. I want to actually physically go buy one than order one online, so help?

  13. my man has never owned a pocket knife before and i think its an important thing to have. i want to buy him a really nice, simple one that can be engraved; one that will last long and that he will have forever. im willing to spend up to 100 dollars so does anyone have any ideas? thanks

  14. I really need some help. I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. He’s 15, enjoys hunting, fishing, being outdoors, but, he also enjoys sports and stuff like that. I realllly need some gift ideass!(: Thankss(:<3

  15. I’m trying to think of a Christmas gift for my Boyfriend.. He’s only going to be home for 5 days over Christmas, then he is being deployed to Afghanistan January 3rd.. :/
    I was thinking about getting him some kind of pocket knife with something engraved in it.. But I don’t know if he would be allowed to take it overseas with him.. I’d ask him buuuut… that ruins the surprise! haha.
    I know that whatever I get him I want him to be able to take with him overseas.. So if a knife is out of the question, any other ideas?

  16. I need male advice! First off I’m thinking of getting my boyfriend a pocket/hunting knife with his name engraved on it. Good or bad gift? He’s into that stuff. Second, should I do his first or last name? And thirdly, what font? I hate the plain ones and I think the cursive would look nice and make it look classier, but would a guy like cursive?

  17. My fiancé is looking for something great to give his groomsmen that they will actually use and appreciate. They are all really fun guys who love music and they all do drink but we’d like to get them something original. Not just a money clip, flask or cuff links…any ideas? If you found a good website let me know too.

  18. what do boys like i dont really know so could someone please help me?

  19. He likes flowers sent to the office, but he will be traveling the week after and he does not work a full Friday. He likes cigars and I was thinking maybe of purchasing a couple of nice ones. We are staying home that night and having a nice romantic dinner. Please do not answer with inappropriate answers. I can still send him flowers, but maybe I should send him a plant or give both.

  20. I am trying to think of gift ideas for the groomsmen in my wedding. I don’t want to get the usual engraved this or that. I would like to know any really cool gifts that you have received (for any holiday or event, not just weddings) in the last year that I could consider for my groomsmen.
    Thank you!

  21. Can anyone tell me about this knife

  22. I want to get my bf a pocket knife and i wanna get his name engraved on it. I dont want some fancy thing with all the other things that a swiss army knife has. I just want a normal pocket knife, with his name engraved but idk where to find this a store or a website to order from.

  23. So im 13, i dont have like a whole bunch of cash, but enough. i got my sister a necklace and some lotion, my mom a nice candle and aromatherapy pillow.
    for my dad i got him a book but what else should i do for him? But something that isnt too expensive

  24. I have an old pocket knife that i cant open and on the bit of blade thats visible i can see “HÜSEYIN KAYA” engraved on it. Whats it mean?

  25. My mother died from skin cancer when I was three. She bought me gifts ahead of time for my birthdays – and the gift I received for my birthday recently is a Tiffany and Company Silver Pocket Knife, with my initials engraved in it, as well as “With Love, Mom” engraved in it. It means a lot to me. I have not used the knife once- instead I carry it around as a charm that helps me think of my mom wherever I am. It is a tiny knife, the blade is maybe an inch long. Recently I had the knife sitting in my backpack with the pocket open in its secret pouch and the teacher took it out of my bag and took it to the principle. I am suspended for three days now. Is this ethical?

  26. I was thinking of our initals so it would be example: LJ + SL

    Other than the anniversary date please. Should I just go with his name?

  27. It’s a carbon steel blade with a black epoxy powder coating. I want to get it engraved, but am not sure if I can due to the epoxy coating. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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