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VictorinoxSwiss town of Ibach is still the Victorinox’s base. Victorinox knives factory is located in the beautiful place which looks like the chocolate bar wrapper: snow-covered peaks of Alps and cows in the abutting fields. Now the company has the intention to turn the business into the world-wide brand closely to life needs. Consequently, Victorinox worries about transferring the Swiss engineering accuracy from the swiss knife into luggage, watches, clothing and even perfumes at the same time putting longstanding corkscrews and toothpick attachments behind. The perfume “Swiss Army for Her” gives the promise to “whisk away the senses to the lofty heights of the Swiss Alps”. Thus Victorinox is developing in the creative way. Initially, they had the pocket swiss knife with a primitive prototype that transformed into the modern professional device showing off a memory stick and laser pointer.

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  1. I’ve got a Victorinox Climber knife and the edges are seeming a little dull. Is it possible to get it sharpened on the warranty along with the wood saw? I live in the UK if it makes a difference.

  2. Does anyone know of any uk sites which have good offers on victorinox knife sets with rosewood handles?


  3. I live on base, getting trained in my job and i have finally had it! I need a knife. I know zip about knives and multitools, only name brands. I see them in the local Post Exschange for 40- 70 dollars. The thing is im shoping on a budget. the other criteria is that i can not have a blade longer then 3 inches.

    So, any suggestions? stainless steel is a must. No fancy gimics.

  4. its my dad old knife and i tried looking on their website but couldnt find a exact match, here is a list of whats on the sak:

    Large blade
    Small blade
    Can opener with small screwdriver
    Bottle opener with large screwdriver & wire stripper
    Key ring

    also its not the spartan or tourist

  5. Compared to say a Gerber or Leatherman multitool. Obviously, i know that it depends on wether you sharpen it or not, but which ones hold a sharp edge better, etc. Thanks very much.

  6. Is there any knifes that you would recommend for camping and cadets. It has to be under 3″ ,sturdy ,reliable and relatively easy to clean. Thanks.

  7. You know, the one you conjure up in your mind when I say Swiss army knife. The one with a lot of tools yet within a reasonable size. There’s a lot of different kinds and I was hoping if someone could recommend an all purpose knife with a tool for every occasion.
    What I’m looking for is a name of Swiss Army Knife i.e. Climber, Tinker, Huntsman…

  8. I’m a jeweler and knife maker, I’ve always had great respect for the Sikh religion and understand the importance a Kirpan play in one’s way of life.

    With all the knife bans, I was wondering if it was acceptable for a non-sikh to make functional, non functional (made of steel, but blunted) and symbolic (small knives with blunt silver blades)

    I have a few ideas on the matter, but I didn’t want to unwittingly offend.

  9. Hi,
    Im pretty sure that it is ok but I just want some clarification from someone who knows what they’re talking about. I live in england and I sometimes carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (penknife/pocketknife) as a general tool as it does sometimes come in handy. It has quite a few tools and its biggest blade is about 2 1/2 inch (60mm). I carry it in a leather carry pouch in my pocket as it does come in handy for every day things. Also abit of extra information is that I am 16 and I do NOT carry the knife with the intention to hurt anyone or use it as self defense, merely as a tool.Constructive help is be appreciated :) Thanks in advance.

  10. I think I had read before they where made of a something similar to surgical steel?

  11. I have to do a project on Switzerland and I want some facts that 8th graders will find interesting!

  12. Im starting Culinary School in the fall, and want to know what brand (series) of knives would be good but not too expensive

  13. Can someone tell me whether the red parts sandwiching the tools of a Swiss Army knife, the part with the logo on it, is made of plastic or metal? I’ve never held one, and can only see them online. As they are opaque, I can’t tell if it’s painted metal or plastic. Thanks.

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